Responsible Governance.

Looking, listening and doing things better.

At Two Mountains, we are aware that our business operations influence the communities around us, which is why we have made responsible conduct a pillar of our corporate culture. This approach is the cornerstone of our success. Through our innovative and top-quality products, services and staff, we seek to help resolve societal challenges.


Our Group Strategy is targeted to business success. However, we likewise value the interests of our employees, customers and shareholders, as well as those of the community. Our Group strategy underpins our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy. All our CR activities fall under the heading of “responsible governance”, which for us most importantly means looking, listening and doing things better.


We take responsibility for our products, the environment, and the people around us – especially for our employees and the communities in which we operate. Through our products, services and staff we seek to meet customers’ current and future needs. In doing so, safety and ethics matter just as much to us as business success. We strive to set an example for ethical conduct and make an active contribution to the communities in which we live.


Two Mountains Corporate Social Investments will be made in areas of operation, particularly focusing on the communities in the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng area.


Our programme focus areas are:

  1. Education
  2. Orphans and vulnerable Children and Adults
  3. Health and Welfare
  4. The Elderly
  5. Chieftaincy / Community-based projects
  6. Sport
  7. Churches

Please find below Two Mountains Terms and Conditions for our Corporate Social Responsibility programmes:


Criteria for selecting Projects

All organisations and projects identified for financial support from Two Mountains must:

  • Have an ultimate objective of improving the quality of life of members of disadvantaged communities within South Africa.
  • Focus on the disadvantaged communities within which Two Mountains operates.
  • Demonstrate some form of sustainability.
  • Must be registered or prove their previous work with empowering the disadvantaged communities.
  • Focus must be on Children, Orphans, People living with Disability, the Elderly and the Destitute.


Application Process


  • Applicants must Submit a request letter to Two Mountains via e-mail to
  • Applicant must attach all relevant paperwork proving the validity of the organization.
  • Applicant should ensure that there is a return address, phone number and or email address for feedback and any additional information requests.
  • Applicant must not submit for an event that is less than 30 days away unless if it can be proven as an emergency or a result of a catastrophic event.
  • The Two Mountains team must at least be given 10 working days to process the request.


General Exclusions


Two Mountains will not offer financial support to:

  • Profit-making organisations and companies.
  • Political parties or groups with partisan political affiliations.
  • Labour unions.
  • Unregistered organisations.
  • Anyone requesting hard cash.
  • Previous beneficiaries of a Two Mountains sponsorship that failed to abide to the CSI policy.

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