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Want to know more about Two Mountains Burial Services? Visit for more information about our funeral services division.

@_bendikgale @NotAGoodIdea4 @teratoba @OldMutualInsure @TwoMont (two mountains is theeeeeeeee best, we have been using them since 1999,on stress at all
I can recommend them 100000 times, they are so professional those guys

How long is it going to take before I can expect a payout? Most insurers will pay out within 48 hours, provided the correct documentation is submitted to them.

To learn more, SMS “more” to 39464 (Free SMS) or email us on #funeralplan #ThathiCover

From as little as R260 a month, you can cover yourself, your spouse and your children.

Visit our website at: to view our burial packages. #funeralplan #ThathiCover

Contact Two Mountains today for your burial service requirements. We have unique setup options available such as {marquee tents/draping/decor/ stage & lighting} available as an add-on to your service. Find out more about the Build you own package option from your nearest branch.

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